How PPC Shield
Protects Your Campaigns

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1. Monitoring

PPC Shield monitors your Google Ads campaigns and analyzes the quality of each click. It takes many factors into account, both the technical and behavioral aspects.

2. Blocking

It blocks all suspicious activity and fraudulent clicks immediately. You can track all the processes in your admin panel in real time.

3. Saving

As a result, you save money and get better ROI on your campaigns. The results will be noticeable since day one.

4. Reporting

You get detailed reports with saving calculations and summary for all blocked clicks. It’s very easy to follow and evaluate your results.

Curious how much you can with PPC Shield?

Your savings depend on your industry and the level of competition. To give you an estimate of your potential savings, let’s calculate it right now >>

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*the estimate is based on average industry data

Want to see some examples?

Here are some selected cases from different industries:

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Monthly ad budget: $350,000
Average CPC: $1.16

clicks blocked
$ 78000
Flat icon of key from the house

Real estate

Monthly ad budget: $120,000
Average CPC: $2.37

clicks blocked
$ 13000
Flat icon of three businessmen united in a circle


Monthly ad budget: $70,000
Average CPC: $3.33

clicks blocked
$ 5000

Forget about wasteful click fraud
with PPC Shield protection