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PPC Shield Protection

Protect your Google Ads campaigns with
PPC Shield

PPC Shield filters all the junk out of your campaigns, blocks fraudulent clicks and leaves you with top-quality clicks only. In real time, we protect your ads from stuff you don’t want to waste your budget on.

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1. Detects

Our sophisticated algorithm evaluates all clicks and detects fraud right away.

2. Blocks

Wasteful clickers are blocked and won’t see your ad anymore.

3. Saves $$$

With each click blocked by PPC Shield, you save money & improve your ROI.

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Using advanced algorithms, PPC Shield is incredibly fast at detecting and blocking fraudulent clicks. We protect your PPC ads and help you save up to 20% of your  budget. Our support team will gladly tell you more! 

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Your dedicated account manager will ensure maximum protection for your PPC campaigns and ensure that your experience with PPC Shield is smooth and enjoyable!

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Instant Saving

You will immediately see how blocking fraudulent clicks  saves your advertising budget. Using the real-time dashboard and reports, you will be able to track every cent saved with PPC Shield. 

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PPC Shield is a must-have tool for

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PPC Shield is a must-have tool for PPC marketers
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Click-Fraud Protection Tool That Blocks

  • Fraudulent Clicks
  • Robots & Click Farms
  • Your Competitors

Once detected, the fraudulent clickers will not be able to see your Google ads any more. Say goodbye to wasteful clickers and fraudulent bots!

Why waste money on click fraud?
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