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How does it work?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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It’s quite straight-forward really 🙂 PPC Shield’s exclusive algorithm monitors your Google Ads clicks in real-time and deems each click as being either safe or dangerous.
If a click was recognized as suspicious or dangerous by any of the multiple unique data points and parameters we look at, the IP address from which the click was generated will be immediately blocked so your Ad campaign will not be attacked again by the same malicious user or bot, defacto saving you money. 

In regards to setting up your account, our software engineers thought of and built a really comfortable and amazing “Plug-and-Play” seamless process. So within no time you will be monitoring everything from your PPC Shield Admin Dashboard and will be able to layback and enjoy your ads attracting the genuine and quality traffic you aimed for, to begin with.

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