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Who is clicking on your Ads?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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Online ads are created with genuine intentions such as attracting new customers, promoting a new line or product, re-engaging your audiences, etc. However, once your ad is live on Google, you have no control over which traffic reaches your Ad and who clicks on it.

When thinking of who is clicking on your Google Ads, you need to consider that besides the honest users clicking on your ads and following your business funnel, there are malicious sources behind some of the clicks as well. For example, you should always suspect competitors and unsatisfied clients, both will likely look for ways to hurt your company, and clicking on your ads until the budget is finished, it’s a simple one. 

There is more. You also need to think that a large percentage of the traffic that your ad will be exposed to and clicked on is not human! Sounds crazy, but according to the University of Baltimore, up to 51% of internet traffic is composed of non-human sources. 

Non-human traffic sources aren’t necessarily fraudulent, some are created with honest and legitimate purposes such as monitoring your ads and websites to check everything is working as intended. Moreover, some are essential to keep the internet running smoothly such as search engine crawlers.
The fraudulent non-human traffic sources though, are dangerous and need to be taken extremely seriously. They are created for purposes such as hacking, phishing personal information used in scams, and last but not least, Click Fraud.

PPC Shield’s top-notch system knows to detect both, human and non-human, fraudulent clicks saving you up to 20% of your PPC budget.

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