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Downloading Clicks Report to Excel

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

Reading time: 1 min

While you have the data always available in your PPC Shield dashboard, we understand you might want to download this report for any number of reasons. Including, of course, to raise a refund request for all the invalid clicks with Google Ads.

As easy as it gets! Download your Clicks report to Excel!

  1. On the left-side menu go to the “Clicks” report
  2. Click on the download icon on the top-right-side

Some important points to know:

  1. We run large reports (over 10,000 rows) in the background so you can continue working in PPC Shield without having to wait for them to download. When the file is ready, you will receive an email with a link to download it.
  2. You can export only up to 100,000 rows per report.
  3. Reports exported to the background run sequentially, one at a time. Therefore, the latest report exported to the background will run after all reports previously exported to the background finish running. You can export an unlimited number of reports to the background.
  4. Small reports (fewer than 10,000 rows) will begin to download instantly.

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