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Do I need protection against click fraud?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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Do you advertise on Google Ads? Do you work with CPA or CPC/PPC bidding strategies? If you answered yes, you most likely already are, have been, or will be, a victim of click fraud. Click here to read more about this. 

Different sources have estimated digital ad fraud costs to be between around $11 billion USD only in the US up to $44 billion USD worldwide. Moreover, it is estimated it will grow exponentially worldwide and will increase to a cost of over $50 billion a year by 2025. 

Specifically, click fraud is one of the fastest-growing cybercrimes and it’s expanding at an alarming pace. It’s highly profitable and it’s in huge demand, especially in highly competitive industries. Only a few cases end up in prosecution and conviction, which makes it a low-risk form of digital crime – very attractive for cybercriminals.
It is generally accepted that online advertisers spend about 20% of the budget on fraudulent clicks. According to the University of Baltimore, in 2020 click fraud cost approximately $23.7 billion USD to online advertisers.

For this reason alone we have built here at PPC Shield the best and most effective click fraud protection in the whole cybersecurity industry. We have put together the smartest and most dedicated minds to build our powerful and comprehensive solution for this increasingly distressing and expensive pain that affects millions of companies.

So whether you have been a victim of a cyberattack already, or you are smart and looking to protect your Google Ads from click-fraud attacks, PPC Shield is here for you.

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