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How can I tell if I am a victim of click fraud?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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To know if you are a victim of click fraud or not, look in your Google Ads dashboard and see if you find, for example, a drastic rise in clicks non-related to any campaign or possible reason you can think of.
You can also notice if there has been an unusual drop on your conversions and you haven’t made any change to your budget or campaigns.
Moreover, when checking your website analytics, if you see an increase of unusual traffic coming from unexpected locations, take notice as this can signal click fraud.
You should always be suspecting your competitors and unsatisfied clients, both will likely look for ways to hurt your company. The competitors part is especially true if you are in a highly competitive industry as clicks are more expensive and thus more painful for you.
PPC Shield’s top-of-the-class system detects and blocks fraudulent clicks from all sources offering you the highest level of protection for Google Ads in the industry.

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