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How does PPC Shield determine a click is unsafe?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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This is our secret sauce, so we obviously can’t disclose it completely or we would be telling the bad guys how to work around PPC Shield’s powerful protection 😉

As soon as your Google Ad is clicked, PPC Shield’s monitoring process kicks in. Each click on each of your ads is unique (read more here) and will be acutely analyzed using several unique data points with which our algorithm will deem the click as either legitimate or dangerous. 

The click data is compared to our extensive internal IP database as well as 3rd party industry-leading IP blacklist databases, if the click comes from a suspicious IP we’ll recognize this click as a security threat and block the IP address

A few other elements we can disclose – and by no means all of them – are: 

    • Device type
    • Operating System
    • Location
    • Browser
    • Network
    • Hardware

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