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Maximize your ad performance by saving your PPC budget, reaching more potential customers and improving your ROI. Free 14-day trial!

Click fraud protection software

Control the quality of your traffic

Block fraudsters from seeing your ads


Stop competitors from depleting your ad budget.

Click farms

Prevent large-scale click fraud attacks.


Detect and block non-human traffic.


Block repeated clicks from angry clients & brand haters.

No suspicious click will remain unnoticed

How we protect your Google Ads campaigns

Click monitoring 24/7

We monitor and analyze the quality of all clicks in your active Google Ads campaigns.

Click fraud detection

Our algorythm assigns a risk score to every click, based on various factors, and identifies non-human and fraudulent clicks.​

Instant IP blocking

Once identified as a potential threat, suspicious IPs are blocked from seeing your ads again.

Automated reporting

Through email summaries and a convenient easy-to-use dashboard, you can track your savings, clicks, and blocked IPs.

Budget savings

By preventing fraudulent clicks, you can reinvest the money you save in high-quality traffic.

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How to activate your PPC Shield protection

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