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Can I decide for how long will IPs be blocked?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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Within the Blocking Settings tab, you can find both the rules that define which IPs will be blocked for your connected Google Ads accounts and for how long the IPs will be blocked.

This article is about the feature which allows you to have control over the period of time the IPs will be blocked from seeing your Google Ads.

This feature is found under the column titled “Unblock IP after”.

By default, PPC Shield blocks the IP address for 30 days. Should you wish to, this period can be edited to any number between 1 and 60.
Using a value of 10, for example, the system will block the IP address from which the fraudulent click originated for 10 days.

Blocking settings in PPC Shield dashboard

Important to know:
  • The update will affect already blocked IP addresses.
  • IP addresses may be released earlier if the number of blocked IP addresses per campaign exceeds 500.

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