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Cross-Campaign Blocking

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Written by Galia

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Within the Blocking Settings tab, you can find rules that define which IPs will be blocked for your connected Google Ads accounts.

There are 3 rules set to optimize the protection of your Google Ads – click here to read about customizing them:

When PPC Shield’s top-notch algorithm detects a click coming from a fraudulent IP, within a fraction of a millisecond this IP will be added to the IP exclusions list of the campaign where the click was detected and this will happen too for all the active campaigns in the Google Ads account.

In short, when the Cross Campaign Blocking feature is enabled, the detected IP address will be blocked across that Google Ads account campaigns.

Does it work for all campaigns?

It works for all active campaigns that are supported by PPC Shield (it will not work for campaigns that are paused, suspended, etc).
Learn more about Google Ads campaign types supported by PPC Shield – click here.

Where else will you see “Cross-Campaign Blocking”?

Within the Blocked IP tab, you see all the IPs that have been blocked by PPC Shield. Here you will find the IP blocked the first time for the reason either Threshold Rule or Proxy and followed by all the active campaigns having the same IP blocked for the reason Cross Campaign Blocking.

In which cases is it recommended to turn off the cross campaign blocking?

If you have a number of campaigns in your Google Ads account which are for *completely* different product or service, then it is recommended to turn off this feature.

How to enable it?

This feature is enabled for all accounts by default in all new Google Ads accounts that are connected to PPC Shield from July 5th, 2021.
> For accounts that were connected previous to this date, go to Blocking Settings of your PPC Shield admin panel (click here). You will see a list of your connected Google Ads accounts and a switcher to enable or disable cross-campaign blocking for each account.

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