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Cross-Campaign Blocking
Fraudulent IPs are blocked across ALL your campaigns
What does the Status of my Google Ads Account mean?
Account Status - Linked, Pending, Removed
Welcome to PPC Shield!
What to do following signing up
Rules Customization
Learn about the blocking rules protecting your Google Ads
How can I add more Google Ads Accounts to my PPC Shield Dashboard?
3 quick steps to add new Google Ads Accounts
My PPC Shield Dashboard
What can I see on my PPC Dashboard?
I have a Google Ads Manager Account (MCC), can I protect all my sub-accounts with a single PPC Shield account?
In short, yes
You have a question and can’t find the answer here?
Write it here and we’ll get back to you shortly 🙂
Protecting your Google Ads Smart Campaigns
Smart Display campaigns aren't supported by PPC Shield, so what can I do?
What is a Google Ads Manager Account (MCC)? Is it different from an Individual Google Ads Account?
Read here
What is a threshold rule?
What is it and where to find it in PPC Shield's Dashboard
How can I tell if I am a victim of click fraud?
Look in your Google Ads dashboard and see if you find, for example, a drastic rise in clicks non-related to any campaign.

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