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Each Google Ads account you add to your PPC Shield account will be protected from click-fraud by a set of predetermined rules that instruct the system to automatically block IPs based on threshold and proxy blocking. 

Where can I find the Blocking Rules?

> Click on Blocking Settings on the left-side menu in your PPC Shield account.

What rules will I find there?

The blocking settings are the set of rules – which you can cautiously edit – to direct the system about which IPs it should block, and for how long.

During your onboarding process you will be asked some important details about yourself and your industry. We use this information to set the default blocking rules that will be protecting your Google Ads from the moment your PPC Shield account is set up.

Learn more about each of them:

Important to know:

There is absolutely no need to be an expert or to do any research on the rules customization, we do that for you!

Kindly note that you can edit the blocking rules on an account level only (i.e not per campaign, ad group, or individual ad). 

Lastly, you should be cautious if you do want to edit the blocking settings. If done improperly, it can cause more harm than good, for example you can end up blocking legitimate clicks!

Keep in mind: we are always here to offer advice and guidance on this subject – don’t hesitate to ask.  



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