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What are anonymizers?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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VPN, Proxy, PUB, WEB, HPD, and Tor are anonymizers. 

Anonymizers are tools that allow — or attempt to allow — users to make their online activity untraceable. Below you can read a short explanation of each of them:

Proxy is a server acting as a gateway between you and the internet. It sits in the middle and separates the end-user from the website they browse. Meaning having the internet traffic flow through its server on the way to the requested address and back
A proxy masks your IP address and as such the true origin of the request, it is commonly used together with a VPN to enable data encryption. One of the most popular uses of a proxy is to access otherwise region-blocked websites.
There are different types of Proxy Servers:
Transparent It identifies itself as a proxy to websites and provides your IP to the webserver.
Anonymous It identifies itself as a proxy but doesn’t provide your IP to the webserver.
Distorting It identifies itself as a proxy and provides a false IP to the webserver.

  • PUB – Public Proxy – services that make connection requests on a user’s behalf.
  • WEB – Web Proxy – services that make web requests on a user’s behalf. They are simple web-based rather than operating at the IP address and other ports level (difference with PUB proxies).
  • HPD – Hosting Provider, Data Center, or Content Delivery Network – they can be used to provide anonymity so commonly the IPs associated with them are flagged on IP databases.

Virtual Private Network or better known as VPN allows for a secure, anonymous, and private connection between you and the internet. They are commonly used to cover a user’s ID and browsing history, gain access to restricted websites, as a workaround censorship obstacle, and more. 

Tor is a browser, free and open-source that enables anonymous communication by concealing users’ locations and usage. While originally the project was created to protect the general public from governmental and other private tracking enterprises, it rapidly became the home for suspicious and fraudulent users dedicated to deceiving audiences by, amongst others, committing click fraud. 

PPC Shield’s system detects the use of anonymizers on fraudulent clicks and blocks them. This is because real and sincere users seldom have any reason to hide their identities.

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