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What is a threshold rule?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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A threshold rule is an instruction given to the system on what to do once a certain limit has been reached. 

In PPC Shield’s platform, the user can change the predetermined threshold rules and instruct our system to block IPs originating a certain amount of clicks within a determined period of time.
This feature allows you, as the user, to customize the protection on your Google Ads accounts even more by adding your knowledge and expertise on your own industry and market to our layers of protection against click fraud.

Example: you can determine that more than 4 clicks in a period of 30 days on the same Google Ad are suspicious. So you set the Threshold Rule to be 4/30. If the threshold is met, the IP will be blocked and Google won’t show that Ad to that IP anymore. 

Threshold Rules can be found in your PPC Shield platform under “Blocking Settings”

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