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What campaign types does PPC Shield support in Google Ads?

PPC Shield Support Team

Written by Galia

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If a click on your Google Ad is detected as dangerous by PPC Shield’s algorithm, our system will instantly block the IP address and all ads in that campaign will be no longer be visible to computers and networks associated with that IP address.

PPC Shield will immediately and automatically protect all of the below-listed campaign types from click-fraudster sources:

    • Google Search Campaigns 
    • Google Display Campaigns
    • Google Shopping Campaigns
    • Google Local Campaigns

The below-listed campaign types will be tracked by PPC Shield and you will have visibility on the clicks and IPs, however, IPs won’t be automatically blocked given the fact that Google doesn’t grant the IP exclusions functionality.

    • Google Video campaigns
    • Google App campaigns
    • Google Smart campaigns
    • Google Discovery campaigns

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